Harrison County Hospital EMT Wins Award

Harrison County Hospital EMT Wins Award

 Cynthia Brown recognized for her efforts by EMS for Children award

Indianapolis, IN— Cynthia Brown received the 2019 EMS for Children Award at the Indiana Emergency Response Conference on Friday, September 20, 2019.  This award recognizes the outstanding contributions that emergency medical responders in Indiana provide to children.  While pediatric calls are usually the most difficult and problematic for EMS, the Emergency Medical Service for Children Committee recognizes those responders that have exemplified remarkable skills and commitments to providing quality medical care to children 19 years of age and under, regardless of the outcome.  This award provides recognition for those contributions, which are above and beyond the normal day to day experiences when dealing with pediatrics specifically.

Cynthia has been an EMT since 1997, and employed with Harrison County Hospital EMS since 2012.  Cynthia is the car seat coordinator for HCH EMS, and takes a leadership role with Safe Kids Harrison County.  Harrison County Hospital has eight car seat technicians, including one instructor, on staff to assist with installations by appointment.  There are car seat clinics held each year in addition to “Booster Bashes” at the schools.  Other events sponsored by Safe Kids Harrison County include:

  • Bicycle rodeos;
  • Fire safety;
  • “Spot the Tot;”
  • Farm safety;
  • “How Hot is the Car;”
  • Eddie the Eagle gun safety; and
  • Tide Pod safety.

As with any prevention activity, it is difficult to quantify how many children’s lives have been impacted by Cynthia’s actions and dedication to the Safe Kids program.

“We are very proud of Cynthia.  The fact that she was recognized as the top nominee is evidence that this community is served by one of the premier emergency responders in the state of Indiana,” said Joe Squier, EMS Manager at Harrison County Hospital.

Other award nominees from Harrison County Hospital included:

  • Mark Green – Paramedic of the Year
  • Josh Harrison – Advanced EMT of the Year
  • Stan Baelz – EMT of the Year
  • Shelton O’Bannon – EMS Officer of the Year
  • Katie Goldman – EMS Primary Instructor of the Year

Harrison County Hospital EMS employees have a history of winning state-level EMS awards, including EMT of the Year, Advanced EMT of the Year, EMT-Intermediate of the Year, Paramedic of the Year, EMS Officer of the Year, EMS Primary Instructor of the Year, Heroic Rescue of the Year, and Healthcare Hero.